Ilve Professional Plus KHVI90 glass ceramic induction hob
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Ilve KHVI90 Professional Plus Induction cooktop cm. 90 - black ceramic glass

The Ilve KHVI90 induction hob of the Professional Plus line is equipped with 5 touch zones, Booster and Bridge functions, pan sensor, residual heat indicator, Keep Warm function.


Professional Plus - Hobs
Simply the top of the professionalism, the Professional Plus hobs guarantee you perfect regulation and distribution of the heat for each type of preparation. The flame spreaders are in aluminum or brass, noble material par excellence. As an alternative to steel, some hobs can be made of tough, elegant black tempered glass. The induction hobs, also with integrated suction, allow a versatile temperature regulation and are equipped with the most advanced safety systems.

Residual heat indicator
It indicates that the glass is hot and therefore care must be taken when touching it and placing objects on it that could be damaged.

Timer with automatic stop

Switches the zone off when the set time has elapsed.

Bridge control
In the induction hobs that are equipped with it, it allows you to simultaneously control 2 adjacent zones with a single command as if they were a single zone.

Booster function
It allows you to concentrate all the power of the induction hob in the chosen area, to speed up boiling and cooking times.

Slide controls

This convenient "touch control" system allows, for example, to increase or decrease the operating temperature by sliding your finger from right to left or vice versa.

Child safety
Once this function is set and until it is deactivated, the induction hob does not switch on using the controls.

Overheating and liquid overflow protection
If the hob overheats or liquids overflow, a safety device intervenes which stops the operation.

General features
• 5 touch zones
• Pot sensor
• Booster function
• Child safety
• Residual heat indicator
• Timer with automatic stop
• Slide touch controls
• Overheating and liquid overflow protection
• Bridge function 2 zones activated and controlled simultaneously
• Maximum power 3x16A 11.1 kW
• Pause, Keep Warm function (42 ° C, 70 ° C, 95 ° C)

Standard consumption / booster
• Zone 01 size and power (standard / booster) Ø260 mm 2.6 kW / 3.7 kW
• Zone 02 size and power (standard / booster) Ø145 mm 1.4 kW / 2.2 kW
• Zone 03 size and power (standard / booster) Ø180 mm 1.85 kW / 3 kW
• Zone 04 size and power (standard / booster) Octogonal 2.1 kW / 3.7 kW
• Zone 05 size and power (standard / booster) Octogonal 2.1 kW / 3.7 kW

• L 890 x P 520 x H 50 mm
• Built-in hole size: L 870 x P 480 mm

Hob finishes
• Glossy black glass ceramic

More Information
Cooking Type Induction
Size 90 cm
Material Glass Ceramic
Cooking zones 5
Manufacturer Ilve
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