Agape "Eclissi" ASPE038 mirror
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Agape "Eclissi" ASPE038 mirror





Eclissi, 2016 - 

Gergely Àgoston , Rd Agape 

Two mirrors and just as many layers. Two depths and diametres, 70 and 50 cm, which confrontate themselves for proximity and relative position. The profiles of their bright halo generate surprising contrasts with the elementary geometry of the reflecting surfaces, defined only by the thin sign of the light that reverberate on the perimetre. 0,6 square metres of reflection in faint overlapping. The 50 cm element can be placed in any position around the larger mirror in order to match the most diverse functional and aesthetic needs (e.g. two persons with different heights). cm ø 70 e ø 50 (ø 27”9/16 and ø 19”11/16) 




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